How to provide feedback on the Lewisham LTN plans

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Many of you have shared your personal stories about the Lewisham Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) – whether it’s been affecting your business, your children’s SEN transport needs, the pollution on your road from diverted traffic, or the complete gridlock it’s caused which is adversely affecting your work and family life.

The authorities are listening to some of the voices, those who have been loud all the way through the consultation that most of us didn’t know about because we didn’t live on the right roads. Now it’s time for them to hear your voices.

Below are several ways to tell them what you think, what you want, and how you or your family have been affected.

Keep your feedback polite at all times – share your lived experience, how it makes you feel, and what the impact is on yourself or others.


The Lewisham Mayor has now provided resource to handle comments and questions on LTN matters. Please email

Submit questions to the next Lewisham Council meeting

A full Lewisham Council meeting is coming up soon, and YOU can put your questions to them, which then become part of the public record.

  • At a full council meeting, questions to the council from the public and councillors are accepted. They must be submitted in advance by email.
  • The next full council meeting will be on Wednesday November 25th.
  • The deadline for submission of questions is midnight Tuesday 10th November for the November meeting.
  • Please email your questions to, head of governance.
  • A reply is sent by e-mail the day before the council meeting and usually one is allowed a supplementary question.
Email and twitter for Councillors, MPs, etc
Submit a complaint about a councillor

If you have a complaint about the conduct of a Lewisham councillor, check the Member Code of Conduct, then write to the Monitoring Committee as per the Procedure for handling complaints of breach of the Member Code of Conduct.

Complaints should be made in writing (including by fax or email) to the Monitoring Officer, LB Lewisham, Town Hall, Catford, London SE6 4RU (fax no 0208 314 3107); email . Complaints may be made using the Ethics Complaint Form available on the Council’s website, and from the Monitoring Officer. If a complainant find it hard to put their complaint in writing, Council staff will help them to do so. The Council will make reasonable adjustments to help a disabled complainant.

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