How to provide feedback on the Lewisham LTN plans

Many of you have shared your personal stories about the Lewisham Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) – whether it’s been affecting your business, your children’s SEN transport needs, the pollution on your road from diverted traffic, or the complete gridlock it’s caused which is adversely affecting your work and family life. The authorities areContinue reading “How to provide feedback on the Lewisham LTN plans”

Response to Make Lee Green’s ‘mythbuster’ (part 1)

Local group Make Lee Green have published a ‘mythbuster‘ and FAQ regarding the Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Whilst some of their post is correct, there are number of issues we would like to point out. “Looking at the overall road network those roads that are suitable for carrying non-local traffic (the A and BContinue reading “Response to Make Lee Green’s ‘mythbuster’ (part 1)”