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The impact of the LTN on the elderly, the disabled & their carers

Margaret is cancer sufferer who lives inside the LTN. Jill, in her late 70s, takes her husband to hospital appointments. Jo cares for her 90 year old mother in Bexley. Martin has health issues which means he depends on his car. Tracy has to visit elderly clients by car. And more.

Nobody should be surprised by the failure of the Lee Green LTN

In Feb 2020 an active member of be local community, Patrica Richardson, wrote a letter foreseeing nearly all of the problems that are only now, 14 weeks into a trial, being acknowledged by the council. She gave us permission to publish her letter in full.

The LTN and the horrified cyclist

Matthew Snowling: “Sure, with an even quieter road I might get a good lay in. But how could I go to sleep at night?”

As a cyclist, Lewisham’s scheme helps no one.

Paul King: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods can contribute to encourage more cycling, walking and of reducing unnecessary car journeys. However, I don’t think that the way they have been set up in Lewisham will do that.

The impact on mobile businesses

Suki Chung: I’m a mobile massage therapist and a sole trader. The LTN means less clients I can see in a day and on top of not working for nearly 4 months because of the pandemic, it’s hit me hard. The drop in income is significant.

About these stories

We asked local residents and businesses to write to us and tell us their stories, for us to share with councillors, MPs and other members of the public.

We don’t want to speak for people. We don’t tell people what they can and can’t do. We invite people speak for themselves. Everyone has different needs and abilities. Everyone needs to have their voice heard.


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